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About me

My name is Saeed AlShamsi, I was born & rise in small village called Sha’am located in the east north of RAK in 1983 & I studied there until the high school.
After I gradated from the high school, I found great job in AD police and in the same time, I studying in ADMC “Applied Media studies” because I like this major.

When I finish I mean graduate from this major, I am going to work in the same field at my work because really they need to use local people in the Media section at AD police.

I have many hobbies like reading books, news paper at my free time, I love to take photo of natural life, swimming & traveling really I enjoy travel very much. I had been to many different places in the world like Thailand, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey & Oman. I hope to be in East Europe countries like Romania or Moldova and list gose in . I like travel because many thing one of them you meet many people and you know a lot of other culture of these people.

The purpose of this blog is to know more & share subjects about the Global warming.
Also, do some writing & reports or research and shares the problems and solution with them. Finally, we have presentation to do with it.

AL Gore

AL Gore, the host was the vice president in the Clinton administration. The first took interest in climate change in grade school and has continued to do so as a politician. In his discussion he highlights the relationship between the emission of carbon dioxide an increase in temperance and ensuing effects.

In the presentation, the Al Gore presents an eye- opening and compelling view of the future of our plant- and our civilization In the documentary of the year 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth” . This is a wake-up call that cuts through myths and misconceptions to deliver the message that global warming is a real and present danger in many countries they visited. Also in the presentation Al Gore explain many fact’s using many of statistics & graph, charts to try to find a way to solve & protect the future generation in the nearest 50 year’s. He traveled to many countries to make the people there aware about this real huge problem they facing it. Al Gore
believe that we must act which we live our lives and become part of the solution.
To sum up, Al Gore says that although the situation regarding global warming appear dire he does speak passionately looking forward to the future with hope. His presentation concludes with parting nuggets of practical advice as to how man can play a role in curbing climate change.

Global Warming

These Days there are many of controversial issues in the world. We are going to look at the issue of Global Warming. In the following, I am going to outline some causes and effects concerning this issue.

Let’s now take a look at some causes of the Global Warming. One major factor which has led an increases in climate change is the emission of carbon gases. To clarify, these man –made emissions of carbon dioxide are the result of farms that came the exhaust of vehicles such as cars, trucks, airplanes and factories. The emissions of the green gasses are in essence heat-tripping gasses which turn can trigger an increase in temperature. In this vein, the knock on effect f the rise in temperature led to a drought, doubling the rate at which trees die off from one percent to two percent, in the Amazon in 2005.
Subsequently, instant of begin able to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into solid carbon, kept looked in the trunks of the rain forest trees for centuries, deforestation process unraveled and more carbon dioxide was emitted the was absorbed.

Having looked at some causes, we’ll now consider some effects. For starters, there is widespread agriculture failure due to drought. Another consequence to take not of is worldwide sea level rise. This rise could lead to people losing their homes especially those who live near the coast. Furthermore, it has reported that countless species are extinct. Affected species include Edith’s checker spot butterfly and red fox. Polar bears and some seals are on their way to extinction.

To sum up, some things Hs to be done to minimize the effect of the condition leading to climate changes so to also minimize the onset various the onset results of thing global issue.

An Inconvenient Truth

Every one of us heard about the deepening global climate crisis of the Global warming. After losing the presidential race in 2000, farmer US vice president Al Gore return back to his original issue in finding way to aware the people all around the world about the really serious case about it, by traveling around the world with a huge team presenting a slideshow on Global Warming. In this assay I am going to write a little of it to show for you more of that huge work done by Al Gore.

Here he is seen as never before in the media - funny, engaging, open and stirring truth about what he calls our "planetary emergency" out to ordinary citizens before it's too late. There are many negatives in the effects of Global warming on our plants. One of them the sea level rising all around the world. Al Gore spend a lot of time talking about how dramatic melting of the Antarctic & Greenland ice caps that could raise the sea level by 20 feet by 2100.( Bailey page 1). Other thing is the raising of the average temperatures in many places around the world. In addition, it got many negative effects in some kind of animals like polar bear. Other things that global warming do increase storminess and hurricanes all over the world. Many of serious various diseases show on in the last 10 years such as west Nile virus caused by global warming.

On this movie, we could find many of positives and great one that could change many meaning in the people. One of those positives that it is the new film after many years no one want to cover this issue as Al Gore did (O’hara page 1). He also highlights the vast gap between the scientific acceptance of the theory of the global warming and the media acceptance. Al- Gore got many skills to produce this film not as we used to know him in political career life, but by using many funny and interesting ways he tried to make every body responsible about this problem and tries to find solution or take part in increase it
Finally, it is great movie “film”, with a lot of real fact’s. the main aim from it that to make every one living on this planet take part to help in finding solutions and try share with others the putting these solve in the right places for it. In my opinion, that film must be in availability for every one in this world, because it is encourage you to ply your role in saving the plant’s from the Global Warming.

Cool Cities

Construction has begun on many of new living style called the cool cities, since the start of the industrial revolution many environmental problems happened mostly, the money of that construction comes from carbon finance around whole world to try to find some solutions to reduce the carbon emission and to stop global warming. In this assay I am going to write a little of it to show for you more of that huge work done to built some of these cool cities including my opinion.

There were many problems that helping Global worming to increase. Most important of them
the way what we are living in the earth leaving behind us many of our footprint in our daily activity. By other hand, green house emissions what increase the result of industrialization and population growth around all the world. Other thing is using of many natural resources as Oil & natural Gas or even burning the coal to cerate power to use it in our life. Other thing is the way what we use in travel nowadays “Transportation system what we are using nowadays what increasing the carbon emission. (Cool Cities)s
There are many possible solutions to solve many of those problems, like building the cool cities around the world. It has considered as one of most important solutions be there on the negotiation table around the world to reduce the carbon emission. It ‘s new way to built the clean environmental cities around the world using the alternative energy and clean power same solar power & wind power, in many things like lighting the city or even the building, also to use in this city hydride cars and monorail with solar ship. To dig a canal around the city and grow trees all around the cities to keep it temperatures down. In addition, to use filters light system to reduce the heat. In the simple ways we could reduce the emission more that 50 % in the echo towers. Cool Cities).s

In conclusion, building many of these cities will help to reduce the Global warming around the entire world and will reduce the carbon emissions. In my opinion, it will be helpful to save our plant from the problems what we are facing most of them nowadays as increasing in heat temperature around the world, also to save many spices kind in our plant by reducing carbon emission. (Cool Cities)s

Carbon footprints

There are various ways to measure our impact on the earth from an environmental standpoint. One of these ways is by way of our carbon footprint. In the following report, I will define what a carbon footprint is, show how a carbon footprint is measured, show how I rank in comparison to other and finally I’ll make some suggestion as to how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Let’s now look at how best to define what a carbon footprint is. A carbon footprint is a way to calculate our impact of greenhouse gases what we leave behind us when we use an item or do some activity need electricity or fossil fuel most likely transportation and Electricity.
For example, you can evaluate and calculate that by many of websites in the internet. Its can be measured by our daily activities, like our food type what we eat, by what we are traveling, home what we live in type and many other thing’s. (Andy).

I measured five persons including me. My classmate Juma Abdullh ranked first as the highest number by 10.08. the second person is Mohammed Alsulaimi ,I went in third, Mohammed Alkameeri is the fourth and Saeed AlMarhi is the least with 2.055. Now about my country ranks third after Qatar & Kuwait ( list of…capita).

There are many way’s to reduce our footprint nowadays, we can save in using electricity as switch off the lights and many of electronics items when we leave the home or not use it. Travel by using our foot or bicycle & use more public transportation. Eat more organically grown food. Recycling is very important to reduce the using of fossil fuel, (Guy Dauncey and B. Andres page 103 ) *

Finally, we really need to re-think in our life style to change many of our bad habit’s to make it useful habit’s to save our plant’s from an environmental standpoint.

GLOBAL WARMING) A problem-solution report)

There is a lot of talk on climate change in our world today. There is also some action in this to help & protect our plant. One of the biggest problems issues is the subject of the global warming. In the following, I am going to look at some of the main cases of climate change and then I will explain and examine more about some of the solutions can be done to prevent that happened. In the end, I will provide a view of the future.

What makes the earth different from other planet in the solar system is the atmosphere that surrounds it. Also in presence of that atmosphere, prevent the life of every thing in the earth “ten thousand of years”.( Global warming basics 1)
There are many of causes of the emission of pollutants to the atmosphere some of them natural as Volcanoes, forest fires, and some causes of industrial like a result of human activities especially burning of fossil fuels “oil, coal, natural gas.” Many problems could result from global warming. One of the biggest is rising sea level causing by melting the Arctic ice cap. This could result in flooding of low lying coastal areas and cities. (Lerner 2)
Other important cause by increasing of temperature is forest fires what produces a lot of dioxide. As we already see, small changes in temperature can make massive differences to the environment.( Global Warming: Problems and Solutions 1)

There are several things to reduce pollution or to deal with global warming. Most important thing to educate and inform the people more about this huge problem to try to get out with many solution by every one living on this earth. Some countries must take action to reducing those people effects in this issue. There are many ways to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide like measure the carbon foot print average and try to change people life style.
We should put Existing technologies for building cleaner cars and modern electricity generators into widespread use. Try to find out new energy sources such as wind, sun and geothermal.(Lerner2)
Create new building systems for cool cities like Masdur city and encourage people to life in it. Try to recycle more products. Using public transport maybe reduce the amount of carbon emission by large way in crowded cities. Save more water and electricity on our homes could be helpful in this mission.

In conclusion, making small changes in our habits can make a huge difference in our future. In my opinion, every one on this planet must take part and work together to find out the quickest, cheapest and most effective way to reduce carbon emissions and overcome this serious threat.

Lebanon report

Lebanon is a very nice country located in the medal east region and it has many natural places. The weather there is very nice & clean cold in winter and nice in summer. The land of milk and honey is what the bible calls Lebanon. The capital is Beirut known as Paris of the east. There are many singers in Lebanon but the most famous one in world is Shakira, which is a half – Lebanese. There were fife countries surround Lebanon are Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus and Israel or Palestine actuality.

Lebanon gained independence from France in 1943. Then the Christians held the power and Lebanese Muslims had little control over Lebanon. This contributed to increased tensions between them. During 1975, the tensions reached their peak, because the Christians killed a bus full of Palestinians in downtown. There were two results of the tensions were revenge killings and violence that began to spiral out of control. In 1982, the Israeli army invaded the city with the aim of removing the Palestinians Liberation Organization. However, a peace deal signed between Lebanese leaders in 1989 offering an equal balance between Christians and Muslims in a new Lebanese parliament. The human and economic cost of the conflict was around 200,000 people died, approximately 25% of population has left the country and Beirut's economy was paralyzed.

The four signs of social and economic recovery in Beirut are stands on the Cornich, Beirut's seafront promenade. It is a wonder how this country every over fell into civil war. The current problems in the Lebanon are almost 300,000 of young people have left. Other problem is the unemployment remains very high. The Last problem is a lot of money made in the hand of a few.

"Eye on lebanon." Http:// Spring 2006. 25 May 2009 .